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Enable and Empowerment Services for Adults with additional needs

We are committed to supporting our clients to have a positive and full live and become an active member of the local community. We promote and ensure safety at all times and do not see disabilities as a barrier and maximise independence and social inclusion.

Each client will receive a package that is designed around them, ensuring a person centred approach at all times. We will do this by always having the individual concerned at the centre of ALL decision making processes to ensure that they live their life to its full potential.  

Supported Living

Enhance existing daily living skills - we will support and guide you verbally with personal hygiene routines, be hands on in teaching cooking and domestic skills.

We will teach you new skills to enable you to live as independently as possible - these would be set out on an individual basis based on assessments

Respite/ Day Care

We can provide respite care and support for Adults with additional needs in the comfort of our Yaxley based home or in the community. Our services range from a sitting service for a couple of hours to 24 hour live-in support. We offer person centred care and support, so the main carer can rest and recharge whilst we take over and support the individual for a set period of time.

Support & Social Groups

Empowering Arts Social and Support Group.  This is a Non Profit Community interest group for adults with additional needs to meet and socialise whilst learning new skills through fun art and craft activities. The group is overlooked by a qualified post 16 Special Needs Teacher and experienced volunteers. We are open Monday and Thursday: 10:30am - 2:00pm. 


We offer 1:1 support for individuals within our care to attend 2 holidays a year. These holidays can be group holidays or individual holidays based on each persons requirements. Holidays can be within Great Britain or abroad.

Support in the community

Accessing the community - we provide transport and support within the community.

We offer support both daytime and evening hours to enable each client to socially interact with friends and join in with any hobbies or personal interest groups.

Laising with professionals

Liaising with other professionals - we provide 1:1 support for all medical appointments and professional meetings. We act as an interpreter to explain things in simple terms to ensure understanding for the client. We are also qualified in "total communication" methods using sign and symbols to ensure understanding.

Work Placements

We offer work placements for Adults with additional needs at our Arts & Crafts Support and social group. Each person will learn new skills and be supported by a job coach.

Volunteer Placements

We offer Volunteer positions at our Arts & Craft Support & Social Groups. All volunteers must hold a current Enhanced DBS certificate (we can organise this for you).

To learn more give us a call: 01733 247953/07742224430

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